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Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Sean Lane
Caregivers Professional Resources (CPR)

New business network links caregivers to the support they need
JUNE 6, 2011 – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI – Sean Lane announced today the launch of  Caregivers Professional Resources (CPR), a new business network that is designed to help people in difficult life circumstances get the help they need. CPR is also intended to help businesses specializing in care-giving services to link with each other.

Today, CPR launched as a free online directory – -- offering more than 100 service categories, from assisted living to financial planning to pregnancy care. Anyone may visit the site free of charge to find specific information about companies offering the services they need.

“It’s not just about senior citizens,” CPR Founder Sean Lane said. “We want to include resources to help those in other situations: difficult pregnancies, catastrophic accidents, workers’ compensation matters and so on.”

This new resource is geared toward helping businesses as well. Human resources staff can also access the site. “Let’s say you’ve got an employee who needs to care for an aging parent and is taking a lot of time off to get Mom or Dad to doctor’s appointments,” Lane said. “The HR staff now has a whole list of vetted, qualified professionals at their fingertips and can point the employee in the right direction. This means less absenteeism and more productivity for the business.”

Lane also founded Estate Organization Services, through which he discovered a real need for businesses in care-giving industries to link together. He said the key to CPR’s success is that all members will be thoroughly investigated when they apply. Each one must undergo a criminal background check. Depending on the industry, employees of the member companies may also be required to undergo such a check as well. Any member that would directly handle client financial matters is required to undergo a credit check.

Further, if any CPR member fails to meet the network’s professional standards will have their membership terminated, CPR Cofounder Eric Metz said.

Because CPR only accepts top-quality professionals, member businesses will benefit, Lane said. Real estate professionals can form relationships with estate dispersal services. Attorneys can link with financial planners to assist their clients and to create unique partnerships. Relationships with top-notch companies will allow each of them to grow.

The network is available to all businesses, large and small. The membership fees are tiered to meet each business’ needs. Each business will be included in the online directory for the basic membership fee. The enhanced membership provides top-of-the-category placement.

Businesses that want to really increase their exposure may want to hurry to join: Only 12 companies will be enrolled as premier members. These elite professionals will have guaranteed booth space and speaking time at CPR events and monthly blog posts on the website.

Further, CPRs support team includes a security/insurance specialist, an attorney, a real estate professional, a web designer, a photographer and a public relations writer, each of whom will provide their services at special rates to members.

As CPR grows, members will gather at monthly meetings and also promote their services at events geared toward caregivers. For example, an “evening for caregivers” event is being planned to allow caregivers time away from their duties and offer a chance to explore services they may not even know exist.

Because CPR is geared toward care-giving, it’s only natural that the network plans to give in other ways. A portion of the membership fees will be given to recognized charities, such as the Karmanos Cancer Institute Hospice Program, the Ronald McDonald House, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Area Agency on Aging 1-B, among others.

Lane said he is confident that the CPR concept will catch fire. While it currently serves the state of Michigan, there are plans to expand nationally.

“Our approach is simple: If you don’t live and love your business, you shouldn’t be in it,” Lane said. “If you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and want to build on your strengths among like-minded individuals while improving your profits, please consider joining the CPR team.”

For more information contact:

Sean Lane
Caregivers Professional Resources

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