Laura Brestovansky, CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer/Freelance Writer/Editor in Michigan

Thursday, June 22, 2017

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What does your resume say about you?


Does your resume pass the 30-second test?


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You've found the "dream job". But how will you get your resume past the computerized filters? How will potential employers read your resume out of the hundreds they receive for each position?

That's where I can help. I am a certified professional resume writer, which means I've had to pass a stringent test by the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. Not everyone passes their demanding exam that covers grammar, punctuation, resume writing practices and more. Yet I passed it my first time, thanks to my extensive writing skills.

Further, I've received many testimonials from my satisfied clients, stating how pleased they were with my work.

	You are the!!!!
	I can't thank you enough for the fast turn-around on my resume.
	Just so you know, I have posted my resume on and within hours I
	have been contacted for an interview and three more possible phone
	interviews. This is GREAT to me.
	Thank you again for your keen eye and making my resume stand out.

Here's how I work:

1. You email me at

2. We discuss your needs and my rates, which are very, very reasonable.

3. You send a modest deposit to my Paypal account.

4. I email you a lengthy questionnaire about your experience and your goals. (Don't worry, it's painless and it gets you ready for your interviews by getting you thinking about your accomplishments.)

5. When I receive you're completed questionnaire, I will get to work on your documents. Typically, I send your first draft within 72 business hours (i.e., M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, excluding US federally recognized holidays). You will receive a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx files) for your review. (LinkedIn clients will be responsible for cutting-and-pasting their completed profile into their own LinkedIn sites. In the interests of Internet security. I don't want to take any chances with your passwords.)


Not sure? I always allow unlimited revisions within 10 business days of sending your first draft. I'm not satisfied until you are.


Of course, you want to see samples of my work. Check these out (note, these are all real clients, the identifying information has been changed to protect their privacy):

Abn Saad Before and After

Kathy Sterling Resume and Cover Letter

Francis Smith LinkedIn Profile

Calvin Bracket LinkedIn Profile


My rates:

As stated above, my rates are very reasonable. You could expect to pay a lot more for the quality of the work you will receive. However, in this challenging economy, I refuse to overcharge my clients.


So, what are you waiting for?

Contact me today. Your career is waiting.